Case Studies

  • Lifts in Surrey
    Vauxhall Bridge Road A firefighting lift was required in a lift shaft that would not normally accommodate such a lift.  We had to develop a design that can allow an 8 person firefighting lift fit within a 6 person lift shaft size Mission impossible but we had some good ideas […]
  • {{KEYWORD}} in {{LOCATION}}
    19 Hill Street The most expensive terrace house in London at the time. The only location for a lift was in the service staircase set back slightly from the main staircase. 1000mm wide in a dark stairwell A rear hung system was the best product and a sky light with […]
  • Lifts in Surrey
      Queens College Oxford A listed building like many of our projects but this one steeped in history with imposing architecture The requirement was to try and fit a lift into an out of the way corridor without affecting the view through the stain glass window at the other end. […]
  • Lifts in Surrey
    The Dorchester Cowarth Spa An exclusive Spa set in glorious countryside near Ascot A custom made lift was required to fit into a stairwell serving the Gymnasium and the upper spa. A box like standard platform lift would not be acceptable The result is a minimal impact with a light […]
  • Another repeat order from Formation Architects and London Projects for a regular client of ours. Extremely high quality finishes in a very small size lift shaft Reduced headroom and lift pit so derogation was required High performance traction 1.0 m/s with fantastic ride qualities and energy efficient control Fitting bigger […]
  • 26 Hill Street There was a rather ugly existing lift in a very elegant stairwell which let the main entrance to the building down The shaft width was less than 1100mm and the depth was not much bigger either At the top floor there was a skylight some 6 m […]
  • Lifts in Surrey
    108 Hamilton Terrace This is the smallest possible circular lift within a shaft width of 1300mm, we are not aware of any other companies offering such a small lift The client had a decorative spiral staircase and wanted to use the space in the middle to provide a lift installation. […]
  • The Royal School of Medicine The building needed a new lecture theatre There was an ideal location but it was not connected to the main circulation areas The only access was a small staircase near the Fellows bar A normal lift would not have done justice to the area The […]

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