Hydraulic Lifts

Ideal for low rise applications where a speed of 0.63 m/s will maintain a good quality lift service.

Our reduced hydraulic guide system enable our cars to be at least 50mm bigger than our competitors, we can achieve bigger lifts in smaller lift shafts.

Non standard lift shaft sizes are our speciality

The product range is between 2 person up to 16 persons and can be supplied in standard finishes or bespoke finishes

The hydraulic system is GMV – a high quality Italian manufacturer

Doors system can range from light duty hinged doors to heavy duty high speed automatic doors.

Single entry, through entry, adjacent entry and 3 sided entry are all possible

Open protocol systems are used to avoid the need for special service tools – closed protocol systems provide an obstacle to maintenance

Lift speeds range from 0.15 m/s for our platform lifts to  0.63m/s  for passenger lifts

Reduced pit and headrooms are available on all of our products subject to Derogation

The performance of hydraulic lifts is not as good as traction but offer a significant price advantage and relatively low maintenance costs