Low Pit Low Headroom Lifts

Recent changes in legislation have enabled the use of high performance lifts in existing buildings and sometimes new buildings where there are restrictions on the PIT DEPTH and HEADROOM

We can accommodate  300mm pit depth and 2700mm headroom in most application. Very fast lift speeds of out to 1.0m/s can be achieved. It is usually possible to provide a solution for lifts shafts less than 1m x 1m. You do not need to have an existing lift to benefit from the reduced Pit and reduced headroom systems but you will need to demonstrate the reason why you cannot accommodate the standard dimensions. This might include existing drains or services, Underground tunnels, low roofs in listed buildings, occupies space above or below and various other reasons. Derogation is required but we make the application process very simple.

Micro GRL traction ( low pit and low headroom systems )

This is the state of the art product offering the best quality ride and performance with high speeds. We can usually accommodate power operated doors making the lifts more user friendly. This is the top of the range product with very high quality finishes available.  Most reputable property companies specify this product as the standard required to achieve the best sale prices

Micro GRl Hydraulic ( low pit and low headroom systems )

This offers the same small shaft sizes and the Traction product but is a medium performance product.  It is slower, does not have such a good ride quality and levelling is slightly greater than the traction system. It is the ideal solution where budget constraints do not allow the High performance system. High quality finishes are also available on this range