Our Products

We are MARKET LEADERS in replacing old, slow lifts with high speed, high performance new lifts. This is possible in the smallest of lift shafts, some even less than 1m x 1m. We are renowned for the high specification finishes we are able to provide
Recent changes in legislation have enabled us to design a product to replace lifts or provide new lifts with reduced pits and headrooms with high performance high lift speed products. Minimum headroom of 2700mm and pits of 300mm can be accommodated with a speed of 1.0 m/s
Odd shapes, special requirements, unusual design, we have the technical expertise to provide a lift solution in the most unusual of applications.
A full range of lift products is available, economically priced but with options for enhanced finishes We have the smallest DDA 8 persons lift available on the market, saving space releases more lettable floor area

Swallow Lifts specialises in bespoke, traction, hydraulic and platform lifts