Traction Lifts


These generally are motor room less with the machine in the lift shaft. Our unique design enable us to accommodate larger lifts into smaller lift shafts. Non standard lift shaft sizes are our speciality.

An 8 person firefighting lift can be accommodated into 1470mm x 1650mm – the smallest shaft size possible in the UK market

The product range is between 2 person up to 16 persons and can be supplied in standard finishes or bespoke finishes

All drives are gearless German (or European machines) controlled by one of the best Japanese Invertors on the market

Doors system can range from light duty hinged doors to heavy duty high speed automatic doors.

Single entry, through entry, adjacent entry and 3 sided entry are all possible

Open protocol systems are used to avoid the need for special service tools – closed protocol systems provide an obstacle to maintenance

Lift speeds range from 0.63m/s using a single phase 240 volt domestic supply to 1.6m/s using a 3 Phase 420 v supply

Reduced pit and headrooms are available on all of our products subject to Derogation

Working with some of the top London based Residential sales and Management companies we are aware that a traction lift would be essential to achieve the best resale value for the property


The Supaflight is not only a new range of lifts but also a new philosophy in lifts – a philosophy of simplicity. The Flight System is here to make it easy for you to select a lift with its many options, styles, sizes and configurations.

At-a-glance comparisons or comprehensive data let you choose with ease the most suitable size, door types, installation mountings and finishes.

Supaflight is a vanguard of the Flight Range. Evolved from the established Custom Maxilifts, this pioneering range of passenger lifts offers you a choice in comfort levels and durability for any low to medium rise building.


Swallow Lifts Supaflight is a supreme performance intensive use range of passenger elevator designed to provide the highest quality service and performance with the lowest energy consumption.

  • Gearless motor room less traction with Variable frequency control Drive System provides very smooth and quiet operation
  • Speed range from 0.4 m/s to 1.6 m/s
  • Requires a 1100mm deep pit and headroom of 3600mm
  • Battery powered emergency lowering system
  • Various cab sizes to suit most application from 3 person to 8 person capacity.
  • Exclusive adjacent door entry system
  • Complies fully with EN81/1 and Lift Regulations 1997
  • Travel capability of up to 30m with up to 12 stops
  • Low energy / power consumption
  • 240volt single phase power supply option


  • Stainless steel handrail
  • Choice of eight (8) Melamine wall panels
  • Satin stainless steel trim
  • Control accessories to EN81/70, digital floor indicator in car, voice enunciator, tactile buttons, call recognition signals
  • Fluorescent or Solid ceilings with spot lights
  • Illuminated push button car and landing control stations
  • Automatic timed lighting
  • Mirror


  • Variety of cab type configurations available including straight through, 90 degree exit, and three side entry. Custom car
  • sizes to suit existing lift shafts
  • Additional selection of other car finishes, glass walls, mirrors, stainless steel, or budget cost skinplate
  • Luxurious cab design featuring wood veneers, solid raised oak or recessed panels
  • Observation Cab with laminated glass panels
  • Firefighting and disabled evacuation control


  • Power: 415volt 3 phase or 220 Volt, single phase
  • Drive: 1:1 top driven gearless traction
  • Speed: 0.4 m/s – 1.6m/s
  • Rated Load: 225kg – 1250Kg
  • Shaft sizes – please download technical data sheets
  • Emergency Backup: Automatic Emergency Battery Powered Lowering with Automatic Battery Recharging
  • Control Type: Collective control up to 4 car grouping
  • Electronics: Solid State microprocessor based systems
  • Maximum Travel: 30m
  • Number of Stops: 12 Maximum
  • Pit Depth Required: 1100mm
  • Overhead Clearance: 3600mm